Noobie System Tray Slaughter Panic

I’m sorry; perhaps some research more will answer my problem, but I am presently in “freak out” mode.

I just installed COMODO Firewall. After rebooting my computer, almost all of my system tray items that used to come up on start-up are gone, and I see that they are not running for neither are they apparent nor found running with a look at the running processes via Process Explorer.

What can I do to make them all come back? I used Autoruns and saw that they are supposed to run, but I have to think that COMODO is killing them as this was the only change made! I can force some of them one at a time by executing the executable, but some were run from the registry entries via corresponding dll files.

Freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out. (Just bring the “Rain Man” image to mind and you will have a good picture to how I am reacting)

G’day Bruce and welcome to the forums.

CFP V3 should not be causing the conditions you’ve described. It does not make any modifications to the autorunning items on a PC, but it should monitor them.

The file and executable side of things in CFP V3 is handled by the HIPS component called Defense+. Even at it’s highest setting (Paranoid Mode), it won’t stop things from running, but will display a pop-up with a high level of detail about almost every action, asking whether it should run or not. Monitor - yes. Block - never seen this before.

The next logical step would be to uninstall CFP V3 and see if things come back to normal. During the uninstallation, if it tells you to reboot, then reboot. Don’t try for any shortcuts during the uninstallation. If things return to normal, I would then re-install CFP and check if the same flawed conditions return. If so, CFP is definitely playing a part. If not, then it could have been a “not-so-kosher” installation.

If it doesn’t come back to normal when CFP is uninstalled, we will need to look closer at the issue.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. I sent you a PM (Personal Message) about a possible problem with your domain.

ewwwww boy…

I see in my panic that I posted in the wrong area, for I must have downloaded the newest version which would be 3 as it was from the official site. OK, so I am scattered a bit more than I would like to be…

But… upon uninstall and reboot, my system tray and all of the autostarts executed as they should have. That ain’t good in my desire to have Comodo as my firewall, but at least very good in knowing that all my autoruns from everywhere have not been nuked.

I was about to purchase Kaspersky from the trial when I saw some reviews that put COMODO at the top of the stack and Kaspersky at an unfortunate 85%; in that they never would answer any email asking if there were ever times they might discount or if coupons were available, I found them a bit too arrogant, but thought their product sound. I really want to have an alternative, for I do not like supporting arrogance; I want COMODO to work. If I recall, and these days my powers of recollection are not quite what they once were, I tried COMODO roughly 6 to 12 months ago and ran into a similar problem. I will try to reinstall a clean re-download, verifying version and everything else as proper tomorrow, and pray for the best. Is there anything in particular I should watch or avoid so I do not create nor complicate the problem myself? As has been pointed out in a few short stories, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and I have been known to trip myself more than once…

And again, THANK-YOU (a polite, excited shout) for the pm!

Hey Bruce,

Glad to hear that they are all back where they should be. That’s an odd problem and I can’t for the life of me think how CFP could be causing it, but evidence would suggest that it is. ???

Before you do reinstall, can you let me know what other security type applications you have running on your PC? It is possible that something else is conflicting during the install or during the reboot (only thing I can think of).

During the reinstall, it might be an idea to 1) disconnect from the internet and 2) temporarily disable any other security software. This would give CFP the best possible chance to complete it’s installation without interruptions from another source. If this method allows CFP to install without munting your system tray objects, try re-enabling your security apps, one by one, rebooting in between. This will make it a long and laborious process (depending on how many security apps you run), but may make trouble shooting easier if the problem reappears. If, at the end of the process, all is well, reconnect to the internet.

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to take the long way round.

Let us know how this works out.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. There’s a link on your domain placeholder page to fix the problem with the domain. :wink:

As unfortunately usual, I just had to jump the gun and do it all right away - my psychiatrist from many years ago diagnosed me with some sort of anxiety problem - and I redownloaded (by all indications, the same file) and reinstalled. First shot I did not take “with Defense Plus”, but just the firewall and also checked the leak protect option. All went fine, system tray and everything. Then I uninstalled that, rebooted, and reinstalled with Defense plus, and to my pleasure, all came up as it should.

So now as it is a bit after 11:00pm and my dog is not very happy with the squall line of thunderstorms that are threatening to send us all to the land of Oz, I shall, go to bed happy, knowing that COMODO is doing it’s job and just have to deal with my dog going crazy over the weather. Guess someone has to be crazy here at all times; when I get stable, my dog takes over for me. I have four daughters - that is my excuse -

Thank-you, and Good Night / Good Morning…

LOL. Four daughters and a wife in there somewhere. That means at any given point in time, someone’s got PMT.

And you thought you and your dog were anxious! :wink: