Noob Question

Based on their design, can the email clients "Windows Live Mail" and "Zimbra Desktop" work with CSE?. And if so, does Comodo plan to add their functionality to CSE?.


Hi Curlin,

As long as the mail client uses IMAP/POP3/SMTP it should support it because it “intercepts” those protocol’s.
Or you can use the Exchange mode plugin but that only works on Outlook.

I just started using Zimbra and like it so hopefully CSE will support it soon. Thanks and Merry Christmas  ;D

Hi Curlin,

CSE should work with any mail client in LSP mode (we’ll post unsupported mail clients is any will be found).
But CSE don’t support automatic import of settings from Zimbra Desktop into CSE, so you should do it manually or ask here how to do it. CSE User Guide can help you to do it properly.

Thanks for your question we’ll test Zimbra Desktop for compatibility.

NOTE: Windows Live Mail is supported and settings are imported automatically for this mail client.

Regards, Eugene.