Noob question!

Hi! Noob here! I’m running a v.2 of Comodo free. I keep getting an Error 106; unable to complete update when I try to, well, update. So, should I download the most recent v. and let it overwrite, or what? Thanks ahead of time for any assistance! ~`;-)

You need to do a complete uninstall and registry clean up of 2.4 before installing 3.0. Use Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode and when Comodo says reboot do not. Click next on Revo and clean up all registry entires and program files.

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2.4 has not had any updates since v-3 has been out. I expect the error is because the updater has been disabled. By following Vettetech’s instructions you should have a trouble free install of version 3. You can get the latest version from here .


Thanks, Guys! I’m not familiar with “Revo Uninstaller” and to me messing with the registry is dicey! I’m fairly competent with basic functions of the computer but I have my limits and I’m aware of them. Any more in-depth info woud be appreciated.

(:WAV) hi cary,
in my experience (:NRD) , i don’t need specific uninstaller software to remove CFP2.
i used the CFP uninstall option from start menu & then i used “CCleaner”. that’s it. :Beer

Reno is free and doesn’t mess with the registry. I have been using it for awhile now and its perfectly safe. All it does is remove program entires from the registry that your uninstalling.

Thanks, Vette, I’ll check it out! :wink: