Noob question....why are DNS incoming requests blocked by default?

Just installed 2.4.

Did an auto configure, and set firefox to allow any TCP/UDP IN and OUT in the rules.

Will not load a web page as I get Inbound policy Violation on the incoming dns(53) port. DNS is blocked.

I am running off a Linksys router and have enabled the network on this computer as trusted.

Seems mighty odd that I’d have to do something special for this.

I looked in the faq’s but confused as to how to proceed.

No one understands this problem? :BNC

The DNS replies from your router is often from another IP address, the routers WAN interface, and hence from an “untrusted” IP address. Add it’s hostaddress to your safe-list.

What address are you talking about.

How about an example.

The gateway address is on my router, but adding that does not help.

Since 95% use routers, why isnt this automatically done by comodo or at least clearly documented.

Something doesnt make sense here

In fact , this is not working well at all in a few of my apps… and Im not a noob.

So much for ease of use.

I installed version 3 of CF on a Virtual machine version of Win XP , and had none of the above problems.

Version 2.4 installed on 2000 Pro acted completely differently , on the same network.

Wonder if the 2.4 install was faulty .

Your router typically consists of an inside LAN address and an outside WAN address. These addresses differs from each other. As it will be your WAN interface that will be forwarding your DNS query, it is also the address that will be returning the query back to your computer. These return queries are sent to your computer on UDP 53. Allow the IP address on your routers WAN interface inbound access through your firewall to your computer on UDP 53 only. This is considered to be safe communication. Either add the routers WAN address to your Network Zones, or add a global rule allowing inbound UDP requests on port 53 from your routers WAN address.