Noob question on ports

Getting frequent Event errors in the Windows Application Event Monitor for ‘Bonjour’. Apple Literature says: “The Bonjour networking protocol sends and receives network packets on UDP port 5353. The Bonjour installer will configure the Windows firewall appropriately during installation on supported systems, but if you have a separate “personal firewall” enabled, you will need to ensure that UDP port 5353 is open for Bonjour to work correctly.”

Since this is on the LAN (trusted network); Am I correct that there’s no need to set a privileged port under the “Network Security Policy”? And that setting a port is just for WAN (external bound) traffic?

Sorry for such a basic question, the help file didn’t really specify the type of traffic…internal or external.

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If you made your LAN a trusted zone there is no need for further action. Can you post a screenshot of Global Rules for verification your LAN is trusted?

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Your Global Rules are fin and will allow all traffic from you LAN.

On a sidenote. There is longstanding problem with Apple iTunes which may be interfering here. Read more about it in [Merged]Firewall appears to be blocking iTunes 10 .


Thanks for the link…only read the first page, but leaning to believe something is amiss with Apple.
I’ll have to get back to it, to see how the ‘saga’ ends.

Unlike the OP, I have no issues with I-tunes, only installed so I could download a pod-cast I was interested in. So I’m not doing as much as the OP in the utilization of the app. Perhaps, if I was, I too would be experiencing problems. I also listen to internet radio on occasion, I don’t know if any of those 2 functions require the ‘Bonjour’ service. Persistent errors in the Event Viewer are my only bane.

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Bonjour service allows Apple devices and programs communicate over the local network. If you are not doing such things you can consider uninstalling Bonjour service. It gets offered with the Quick Time Player and Safari installers for example. I always decline it.

I tried unloading it at startup with AutoRuns, but TiVo Desktop complains. :cry:

I no longer use the TiVo app, but use KMTTG to transfer and VideoReDo for editing. Seems, as I recall, one or the other need the Desktop app installed to function.