Noob, here: Nintendo wifi question

Hi folks. First post! Forgive me if these questions are stoopid… like I said, I’m a noob. (:SHY)

I’m wondering about using my Nintendo wifi USB connector. I followed the directions to get my Wii connecton working (,4429.msg33004.html#msg33004), which works fine, but I have a couple of questions:

The directions end with “You now have Nintendo Wifi capability but to be secure whenever you are not using Nintendo Wifi I recommend that you edit the UPD In Rule’s direction to Block, and when you are playing on Wifi to edit the UPD In Rule’s Direction to Allow.”

  1. Does this mean my PC is less secure while I’m connected with my Wii? Should I be concerned?

  2. Is there any way around having to allow/disallow the ‘UPD In’ rule? I would like Comodo to allow my Wii access 24/7, since it is always trying to connect to check for Wii mail/updates/etc, but I don’t want to open my PC up to attacks, nor do I want to have to always fuss with the rule setting, in case I forget to change the setting after using my Wii.

Anyone? Thanks…

Yes with those rules you diminuisce the security of your pc. But you can restrict those rules to give access only at your wii machine. :wink:

Thanks much for your quick reply, pandlouk!

Now… may I ask how I restrict those rules to my Wii? (:SHY)

I checked at the site of Nitendo and it seems impossible to restrict them :-[

But the easiest and faster way to disable those 2 rules is to move them down right above of the default “Block IP IN/OUT” rule.(2nd and 3rd positions from the bottom)

When you don’t use wii you can easilly disable by moving the Block rule above them.
When you use wii move again the Block rule at the bottom.

This way you’ll restore your settings with only 2 clicks of the mouse :wink: ;D

I’ll do that. Thanks again! :smiley:

You are welcome :■■■■

Unfortunately thats why I had to make the tutorial the way it is :-\

I have a Wii myself but I don’t use the Wifi adapter so its a bit different for me