None of my Programs will open. What should i do?

I installed Just the Firewall. Running XP Computer was running great untill i downloaded Comodo, Restarted the computer and No Program Opens. I can’t get into any of the tools in the control panel. I can access all my files but no programs. It says it can’t be found possibly moved when i click on a program. Even System Restore. Even Comodo itself. On top of that the Computer is useing all it’s CPU to some Process called “system idle process” that i can’t get rid of so backing up my files is real slow. So like, what should i do? Becuase i’m getting ready to reformat it unless someone knows what to do.

Try Booting The Operating System Into Safe Mode And Check Whether You Are Able To Open The Applications. Updates Us The Results And If Possible Post A Screenshot Of The Error.

Hey Njdeathwear. “System Idle Process” Is a legitimate app and should not be terminated = It is simply explaining how long you Pc has been turned on for.

I cliked on run and typed in cmd and was trying to delete the comodo folders through there and than this little box came up in windows saying that my sytem folder was terminated or something like that and my computer going to shut down but it never actually happened. I backed up all the important files and I’m reformatting the harddrive. I’m going to try installing comodo again anyway since it works for everyone else. It’s good to know what a system idle process is. lol