Non-Standard POP3 Port & TLS Required

I’ve searched and read but haven’t found any info on this. Sorry if this is an often asked question.

I am required to check my pop3 mail on a non-standard port and cannot check via port 110. I am also required to connect via TLS only.

I note that CAVS does not check any of my inbound mail. If this is simply a port problem, is there any way I can change the pop3 listening port for CAVS?

Or is this a problem because it’s a TLS connection to my mail server?

Disregard this post. CAVS is atypical of almost all antiviri setups with email scanners. They do not support SSL/TLS and require a daisy chain with stunnel or something of this nature. I did this for years with a chain of OE or TBird, K9 anti-spam and ClamMail … without stunnel. Below is a link to some setup info on that.

My point being that if the ClamMail scanner can do this all these antivirus progs with email scanners within them, that don’t support TLS, could also be doing that if the developers cared to provide support for TLS connections.

Fortunately, my mail server provides outstanding ant-virus support and local scanning is not necessary. Not everyone that is required to use TLS email connections can say the same.

I’m sorry you have the issue of CAVS only utilizing standard ports for email scanning. Thanks, too, for pointing out you couldn’t find that info in a search. I have added a FAQ on it for everyone’s reference, here:

Hopefully the developers will address this for future releases, and include a more complete functionality for the variety of requirements that users experience.