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Right click context menu scan dont seem to work…
Using windows 7 32bit

Just tested it in Win 7 x64 and it works every time.

Win7-64 bit.

During installation, I entered my email address, and then went into Custom install options, to un-select a couple items. Then when I returned to the main install window to continue, my email address was gone. So I re-entered it, and installed the program. So either the email address was deleted when I went into the custom options, or there is just a bug that makes it invisible. Now I noticed I got two confirmation emails from Comodo confirming the “subscription”.

thanks for the best CIS

Works fine here, Windows 7 32bit.

In malware removal tests I have been doing. After repeatedly removing virus by on-demand scan. It will eventually crash. The scan will just freeze. but the ui will still work just the scan.

My display is at 125% and CCE is not showing right one thing (see picture)

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Hi I’ve got a bug with the green border not showing around Firefox when fully virtulized. The green border shows around every other program I run fully virtulized.

OS: Windows 7 home premium w/sp1 x64
Other installed security software: mbam only on demand, Spyware blaster.

I’ll attach a screen shot of my installed Firefox add ons and also the bug report generated from The cis help menu.

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Ok so the french.lang is not supported yet?

I am done using either the Kiosk or a virtualized browser and go to erase the sandbox. It takes a few 360s and then gets stuck and doesn’t budge. I THEN have to restart the netbook and boot it back up where THEN I can reset it. I’m using last night’s build with Windows 7 Starter edition 32 bit.

Alo everyone i tried to instal cis 6 in vmware worstation 9, in windows 7 ultimate 64 bits sevice pack one, but it doesnt install it says fatal error (1603) the instaler goes to 99% and it stops! Does anyone have a clue on this isue?! Thank you!

Changed all caps to normal case. Please don’t shout. Thank you for understanding. Eric

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Dont know what is this bug…

Ran a piece of application/malwarw…not digitally signed

COMODO didnt pop up even after its untrusted and not digitally signed…comodo placed it in trusted files list for no reason ???

File: htxp://

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Again Unrecognized file is allowed to run outside the sandbox

file: Loading...

Please fix this :frowning:

The “Run Virtual” task in the band shows up wrongly in “right click” menu of pinned CIS as “Virtual Kiosk”.
Screenshot attached for convenience.

Win7 x86.

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Issue - Don’t get green border for sandboxed browsers.

File attached
COMODO Internet Security 6.0.252829.2560
Win7-64bit (all latest upates)
Webroot Secure Anywhere installed along side CIS

Edit: Just tried disabling WSA, and now I can get the border. When I start WSA back up, no green border. Not sure if WSA is just blocking the green effect, or the whole sandboxing protection. Maybe incompatible with WSA.

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I will submit the following experience as a possible bug:

I chose to to do a custom install for the firewall only. Upon successful clean installation and reboot, I was unable to pull up the GUI Console, either by tray icon, widget, or desktop icon. Navigating to CIS 6 Directory I double clicked cis.exe, which failed as well. I was using no other malware program but MBAM scanner on this test machine. Running XP Pro SP3.

Aceituna: I install CIS 6 BETA, In the frist time, dont finish install, oder 80% install, other problem various program how iolo sistem mechanic, emisoft antimalware, dont run. and I can see the desktop, but dont install comodo CiS BETA, and yes dragon, firewall and other program.

Posibly CIS BETA STRONG PROGRAM, BUT TODAY ARE GREEN. Blue windows in my pc, and chrash, I have a sesion in mode secure for begging other sesion.
Pardon for my write are spanish, and dont know english. Thanks Comodo, yours products are good, dragon , firewall are much better programs of world. Thanks of news beta, I try to install when product are more perfect. :slight_smile:


I found some problems or bugs with cis6 beta. here it is.

First bug was I was doing a full scan with CIS 6beta, then I remembered that I did not clean the virtual/sandbox. As soon as I press the button to clear sandbox/virtual, my pc BSOD and rebooted.

second issue. I tried scanning again and after scanning started I pressed the minimize and the minimize message windows came up and then my pc froze and nothing worked. had to manually shut the pc off and then turn it back on.

It seems these issues are major and need to be addressed. SO far I got rid of CIS6 beta and went back to a good snapshot.

This is a big bug on CIS 6
With all machines at idle, the HDD light blinks about once per second continuously.