Non executed connection requests in spite of the "allow" answer from me [SOLVED]

Windows XP Home 32 bits SP3
running CIS 3.9 non other security program except GMER

about problems with establishing firewall rules
Neo Trace Express (standalone mode) : the DNS then TCP connections are launching well but then there is a ICMP outgoing request that I allow in the dialog box but it is mentionned “ntx.exe has not been recognized” though a new firewall rule is created but in fact the request is renewed and so on and on, then I get many identical rules for the same programm, and this does not make even the ICMP connection possible so that no traceroute occurs

The same thing happened with Firefox 3.3 standalone with DNS Requests, not ICMP

Excuse me but I found the solution

I rebooted the Comodo program and had to re-active the config and then it works well

Thank you for confirming jeromex!

I will closed this one.