Non-encrypted e-mail received by secure e-mail host


Question 1.
If an e-mail account that has been assigned a secure e-mail certificate receives e-mail from an e-mail client that does not have the Public Key certificate, will it cause any problems?

Question 2.(a)
I am running Outlook 2002 with 2 e-mail addresses/accounts. Is it OK to assign a Secure Email Certificate to just one of the accounts?

Question 2(b)
If running 2 e-mail accounts do I make the non-secured account the default account for sending normal e-mail and the ‘secured’ account only for sending secured e-mail?

I am running a non-commercial office which requires one confidential e-mail account running alondside another account.

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Question 1. No problem in receiving mails from mail id which has no certificate

Question 2.(a) Yes. Its ok to assign email certificate for one account

Question 2(b) Yes. you can.