Noise is startling and can be annoying, should be changed

I find the noise startling, I can’t count how many times I have flinched when an alert occurred when I was least expecting, especially when there is no other noise coming from the speakers. I think there should be an automated voice saying “Threat(s) detected” or “Alert pending action” and so on.

I guess I don’t mind their choice of noise. However, I don’t like it alerting me audibly, so I always disable the sounds anyway.

Are you essentially saying that you like the idea of audible alerts, but you would like the option to change the sound to something else?

Yes I am saying That Aubible Noise in my opinion is somewhat convenient since I do play full screen games and since comodo alerts doesn’t minimized (I find it convenient that way) It just tells me that there is an alert and I should tab out when it is convenient.

Have a few configurable options.

I find the alert sound useful whilst using W8 as the popup only shows on the desktop not in the “Metro” area
I would like to be able to change sounds and an option for an automated voice stating the alert is a good idea

I also find the alert very useful and I even made a wish for it before V6 was out. However I believe a softer alert is better for this, with this alert I’ve hit my leg in the table so many times…

I keep my volume very low barely hear anything, this alert is very loud :-TD

I pity someone with head-phones on he will not be very happy when the alert happens.

Yup that’s me, also why I hit my leg in the table so many times.
- YouTube at 0:40 XD

But you could change the alert sound, replace with any .waw you like, the thing is after program update you should replace again :). Personally i don’t use the alert sound. After i config my cis only alert i have is autosandbox and av auto-quarantine, i have setup all the rules for firewall, and all new alert will be blocked without alert me, so my cis is pretty silently :slight_smile: I love the way new cis is working , strong and silent. I’m too one of the advance users, but i start to like the silent way(after I made all the tweaks) :slight_smile: :love:

The problem is that as soon as you replace the .wav, CIS will give you a product update which resets the old .wav and this is really not a feasible workaround for the rest of V6’s lifetime, hence a better idea would be to allow users to pick their own files without them getting replaced, or including a little set of alerts which go from soft to less soft where the current is the least soft.

been able to customize the sound would be great
also as andrei1997 stated earlier an automated voice or different sounds for different alerts would be good



+1 :-TU . I’ve had volume up loud many times and it has scared the dickens out of me. great wish!

The sound doesn’t startle me, however the sound is somewhat piercing. A softer sound would be better, but please avoid using the default Windows sounds if you decide to change the sound…Maybe even allowing us to chose our own custom sounds would be good