Nod32V3 or kaspersky2009 with comodo V3 help or other


No offence but your router AV is not good and NOD32 is overhyped.

Zone Alarm :slight_smile:


Thank you…

so is Avira AntiVir the free version better than nod32 and kaspersky just want to try it first and see if i like it would go for the other version which supports spyware protection if i like it.

so this runs perfectly with comodo V3 so would i use superantispyware with the free version untill i decide ?

alos is there any settings i need to know for Avira AntiVir & comodo to wrok together well ?

thanks all

I would say that AntiVir Free is better then NOD32.
You can try AntiVir free/premium trial if you dont like it you dont need to buy it.

And here is a review about AntiVir free:

More reviews:


can you tell me does Avira AntiVir detect files you extract from winrars as virus i had a rar file i opend it then moved the file to my desktop and nod32 caught it and deleted it stright away even before it hit the desktop can Avira AntiVir do this as i read somwhere that it can not detect the file as avirus unless you run the .exe but in nod32 you dont need to run the files it just knows it is a virus

i use kaspersky and i will stop using it, no more renew my licence, the detection is so bad, as nod32.

i’m trying avira premium trial now and the detection is far better,
anyway i prefere false alert than nothing that is a real malware undetected by KAV or nod32,
those 2 AV got so bad engine detection, i’ll never use them again.


Yes it detects infected archives too.


It isnt bad its just different, and as gateway it is suffice, then the other features kick in to provide a solid first layer of defense. Nod 32 isn’t overhyped people just stress one test so much people really forget that its just a test and in no way sets the true detection of an av. Avira is not nessesarily better, thats what tests say, nod 32 is fine and zonealarm, is good hating zonealarm appears to be a forum bias.

IMO no matter which test reviews or comparitives you look at,the odd false positive aside,Avira has a fantastic detection rate and even the free version blows most of the competition out of the water and is on a par with the others.

These samples may be selected to achieve the result he wanted to show everybody.

I don’t understand what motivation there’d be for him to falsify or skew the results at all ??? But even if this were the case a failure to disinfect is just that.

Maybe some AV company is bribing him… :THNK (But I doubt it.)

I try and not think cynically ;D but in any case NOD32 did strike out in this instance.

:THNK Maybe some of the results are biased.

It’s cool Andyman :slight_smile:
It’s an argument with no answer, Though the possibilities are there. Think people should look at more than just one test or even make there own (If they know what to do).

Maybe so but a fail is a fail however it’s portrayed.Many other products are given an excellent rating,so if it’s a conspiracy it means a lot of conspirators.

I quite agree that multiple test results need to be taken into consideration in order to evaluate a product,in which case Avira blows the competition away. :wink:

Yes, Avira is always on the top of every test I’ve come across

ok installed it seems ok but with comodo firewall and defense+ i have selected trusted on anything to do with Avira is this ok ?

If you haven’t installed the AV part of CIS, it should be ok to have Avira too.