Nod32V3 or kaspersky2009 with comodo V3 help or other

Hi all i have been using nod32 V2.7 for a couple of years and i am wating to upgrade.

I have installed the latest version of comodo V3 as i have ahd V2 on for somtime, i was woundering which is the best virus killer to go with comodo and which work together the best.

I want teh best protection for my pc and was woundering if nod32 V 3 is much better than nod32V 2 or is kaspersky better ?

I have herd nod32 V3 still does not protect you from spy wear and that the best como is

1 comodo V3 with Kaspersky 2009 for (firewall + Virus killer + spyware)
2 comodo V3 with nod32V3 and Antispyware for (firewall + Virus killer + spyware)
3 comodo V3 with spy doctor with antivirus for (firewall + Virus killer + spyware)

which would you thing is the best to use with comodo and is there any problems with them running together ?

thanks for any advice or help on this

AntiVir is better then NOD32 and Kaspersky if you want to buy AV then buy AntiVir.


CIS (Comodo Internet Security) ;D
you’ll get CFP3 & CAVS 3 in 1 package for FREE for LIFE :BNC (i feel like a spambot now 88) ) :■■■■
if you need a good FREE AV,you can try avast ( or avira antivir (

NOD32 has gone downhill in detection rates. KAV slows your pc and web browsing down. Avira Premium is one of the best av around. Also Norton 2009 has a better detection rate at 99% then KAV or NOD32. Before I got NIS 2009 by set up was Avira Premium and Comodo with D+. I would have kept Comodo and added Norton 2009 but I like the all in one package of NIS.

Go with either =

  1. Comodo with D+ and Avira Premium

  2. Comodo with D+ and Norton 2009

I say stick with nod32, av-comparatives results that nod 32 has gone down dosn’t scare me, in no way is it a bad solution.

I haw used Eset Nod32 4 years on my main pc and it was good but it really it gone downhill when NOD32 3.0 was released. Don’t buy Nod32 or Kaspersky.

I recommend Comodo with D+ and Avira Premium


Excuse me but watch this video and see if you trust NOD32 anymore. I sure as hell don’t.

mmm the poster of the youtube video the same review reviewed kaspersky and said is was the best he had seen


i did not relise both nod32 and kasperksy have weet down hill

I have nod32 v 2.7 still on my machine why has nod32 V 3 went down hill ???

also why is kaspersky not that good to.

to the people who recomend other virus killers is there any tests or reviews that say thay are better than nod32 or kaspersky
Look page 6 and 7


I heard someone else say that you should go with Avast! if you want features, AntiVir if you want good detection rates. I personally use Avast!. (AntiVir killed my internet. (:AGY) {It just did that to me, probably won’t do that to you.} BTW, I really like System Restore. 88))

I agree :slight_smile:

If you want to buy go for AntiVir, if you want free Avast! :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I still dont care, I really dont even need an AV on my machine, especially because i have an antivirus in my router…

An av in your router. Thats new to me. Never heard of such a thing. Please provide more info and a link to your manufacturers web site so I can see the specs of your router. its the zonealarm z100g more info can be found at products → network security

Link would have been nice. Zone Alarm…too funny. I wouldnt trust them as far as I would my ex wife. Show me where ZA has good detection rates. LOL. This is too much. This is what I asked for. So tell me whats happens when you download the eicar test file in a zip. Unzip it. Does your router stop it. I don’t think so. Seems to me like you got scammed. You paid $150 for that thing. Hell my 2Wire Gateway DSL modem with a fully integrated NAT was free with rebate from AT&T.

You could get your fat finger up to click 2 places. I didn’t get scammed it does block stuff, I have reviewed logs and it does infact does do stuff, so I wasnt scammed you just have a bias against zonealarm. Besides the router is made by checkpoint, and sofaware combined, two well respected companies in the hardware UTM market.

But mine was free…not $150 bucks. So I am out nothing. (:CLP)

But mine does a lot more… For the whole network…Oh and my routers range outperforms all other wireless routers… I have it on its lowest broadcast range and it covers my house nicely.

And so does mine with no antenna’s needed. So what happens why you download the ecair test file zip. I asume it fails unless you have an av installed.

Yours goes 2000m outdoors huh? I will not lie to you I was able to download the test file, but it dosnt matter, every month when i get my report, and when I check my logs, it blocks exploits malicious iframes ect, that normally would put pressure on software. Blocked at the gateway makes my life easier.