NOD32 vs. Comodo Antivirus.

I would like to know if there is any security issues with NOD32. Which antivirus is the best one of these two? I recently bought a one year licencse for NOD32 but that was before i found out about Comodo. Could I still run NOD32 or should i change? ??? What are the pros and cons? I would be so grateful for some answers.

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I can’t give you any facts but I’ve heard several people considering NOD32 as the best, or one of the best, antivirus software today. Also, the results are good in tests. ( ) Don’t know how it works though; e.g. if it has HIPS like Comodo. I think NOD32 has a much higher level of detection than Comodo. So if you have recently paid for it, I would keep it, but maybe switch to Comodo after that - I think Comodo will develop to a really good piece of software in the future, especially combined with the firewall and BOClean!

Don’t take my words too serious, I’m really no expert :wink:

EDIT: I think all Comodo products together will be the very best protection in a few months!

Just some notes:
Earlier i tried to run nod and cavs next to each others = slower system. It’s possible, however, you can’t use some HIPS-like functions from nod or both softwares on-access and once they’ve produced a bsod because of a file at the operating system directory. Anyway, I guess nod is still good for a schedulded scan and may have much options and maybe it’s not as resource hungry as cavs.

For NOD32:

Pro’s: Of all the AV’s, it has the highest compatibility with other software. Light, fast, excellent heuristics, no need for configuration after the initial stage, and great detection rates.

Con’s: GUI isn’t easy to understand for some users. The initial configuration can be a bit difficult, especially if you don’t know what the options mean, but there are guides on the web. I suppose the other one in comparison to CAVS, although not part of a traditional AV, is that it doesn’t have a HIPS component.

That’s all I know.

Thank you very much for such quick answers. Then i’ll continue to use nod and when the licensce expire reconsider to change to CAVS.

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I think also Comodo products will be a very good internet security at the end of 2007.


Hi qumran,

I like u have nod32 av installed at the moment, same as you i purchased before i trailed comodo products, currently i have been using nod for 1 year with comodo firewall and comodo boclean.

nod for me is great as is it light on resources and i find it vgood so far.

if u need more info on nod look in wilderssecurity forums. :■■■■


I ve been using NOD for quite some time! And like Soya mentioned you need a bit of knowledge before operating it! It’s not like Install-> Scan. But functionality wise I think it’s the best in the market!

CAVS on the other hand is proving to be very good! I did give it a try and I switched back to NOD for the moment! So if you are using NOD don’t worry it’s worth every penny you spent! :smiley:


I think CFP 3.0 in combination with CAV final version will give us a wonderful prevention rate.


Nod32 is my favorite AV at the moment. Everyone that tries it likes it a lot, mainly because it is so hassle free. It scans, updates, and deals with threats with minimal hassle and user input. I think that’s what the average AV user is looking for, and don’t want their AV to throw popups in their face all the time. I think Comodo would do well to emulate Nod32 's quiet operation.

I think CAVS is already a good product. I can already recommend it for non-mission critical computers with low risk user behavior. Translation: If you don’t keep sensitive data on your computer, back up regularly, and stay off the gaming, gambling, and porn sites, you will be OK. (:TNG)

I’ve used Comodo Antivirus before and it just didn’t play well on my pc for some reason. Always be random CPU spikes and other stuff. Unfortunately I had to uninstall it. Recently I found nod and bought a year license after which I’m going to migrate over to Comodo and see where they’re at in terms of the antivirus (I seriously doubt anyone will be able to touch it in a year or even a few months). Then it’s all Comodo products for me!


Use NOD32 it ahsnt missed an in the wild virus in 40 years.

That’s pretty good, considering…


NOD32 was born in the early 1990s when computer viruses were becoming increasingly prevalent.

Initially the program gained popularity with IT workers in Eastern European countries, as Eset was based in Slovakia. Though the program’s abbreviation was originally pronounced as individual letters, recent worldwide use of the program has led to the more common single-word pronunciation, sounding like the English word “nod”. [1]

Current versions of NOD32 are very different from the original NOD software. Several generations of the program have been developed as a response to a rapidly changing attack pattern by increasingly complex viruses. The program, now for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems[2], is known as NOD32, replacing the older 16-bit flagship product, NOD-ICE.[3]

from ESET NOD32 - Wikipedia

Does it time-travel, too? ;D


NOD32 is good but i got problem w update.

For me, comodo security suite is da best. why pay?

why pay? Because it’s Nod32 It’s worth the money.

Yes, for the unexperienced, the headless and the edge-living user. The unexperienced group constitute an enormous amount of people, they do need a good AV. I’m still not sure though, that NOD32 is that much better than the free AV:s.


Well really no one is sure what AV is best. Paid or free cause it’s all just everyones opinion

Its worth if Nod32 is the only security app u use. There r free choices can reasonably replace nod32.

It’s worth it because it is better then alot of Free AV product better detection Rate and everything. Not better then all. But better then alot.

1st, Antivir haf better detection rate.
2nd, combine of several scanners giv u the best bet.

*i dun deny Nod32 is good, i got time use it too.