NOD32 Reporting cpf.exe as unknown virus

Just noticed here in v3 … others too had the same thing I did … Nod32 recently did an automated update of virus signatures, then it presented a pop-up warning notice saying cpf.exe is probably a variant of unknown virus … did I want to delete it, quarantine it, or leave as is. I chose the latter (last) … haven’t rebooted yet … made a PDF of the warning if anyone wants to see it … using Nod32 latest … been using Comodo firewall for some time now & v3 of firewall since it’s been around. Been using Nod32 for some years … & latest version since it’s been out … quite some time too. I consider this odd & would like some info on it. Signature updates were done say, twenty minutes ago now … & warning popped up soon as they finished uploading to me … about six pm … (gmt + 8 here … Taiwan).

From Marcos in Eset forms on the subject:

“The problem has been identified and fixed with update 3121. It was not actually a typical false positive caused by signatures or heuristics, hence it took us some time to figure out the cause.”