NOD32/Comodo question again!

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Default Re: New version 3.0.621 available
Originally Posted by bhagabhi
Any changes on the ekrn proxy stuff?

This is not a bug of ESS, it’s by design. I reckon some other firewalls support communication from local proxies so you should search for such options in other firewalls."

Sooooo, any suggestions on Comodo settings? Thank You and Merry Christmas!

Download NOD32 v 2.7

Yeah, its was me who asked on the eset forums, and it seems like we wont get any more support from Eset on this particular problem…

Though - This was in in the Comodo changelog for

FIXED! CFP can now find the application behind a connection (for example Kaspersky web scanner)

Could some similar fix be expected for the Nod proxy?
Other than this specific problem (which cannot be entirely blamed on Comodo of course), the Comodo Firewall is an excellent program!

Brought this up here this morning after reading Marcos`comments. :slight_smile:

“FIXED! CFP can now find the application behind a connection (for example Kaspersky web scanner)” I’d read that, although I’m not techie enough to necessarily to understand nor implement it without instructions.

I’m some what confused as to what the problem is with ekrn.exe.

I have tried all the leak tests and port scans and all has come up ok.

I don’t understand what it’s doing that it shouldn’t or what CFP isn’t doing that it should.

I would appreciate it if someone would explain this.


OS = XP-sp2
AV = Nod32 v3.0.621.0
FW= CFP v3.0.14.276

I’m not sure how you passed the leaktest, but I tried every combination of settings suggested here and on Wilder’s and couldn’t until I reverted back to NOD v2.7

Other than that, I don’t know what to tell you.

Thanks for the reply.

I set the FW and D+ to “train with safe mode” and ran the tests. When CFP popped up the alert I denied access without saving the answer and it blocked them all. Didn’t do anything else other then place the apps the correct predefined policy such as web browser etc. after install.