NOD 32 Version 4 Resource Hog

Hi Everyone, I currently use CIS and I am more than happy with its performance. I still had a license for NOD 32 so I thought I might give it a go and install it and compare it to CIS. I removed the av in CIS and installed NOD32. Well all I can say is that was uninstalled really fast. It might have all the certificates etc but it is a complete resource hog, eg cpu usage was constantly at 50% plus and ram at 60-70 meg. CIS, as I am writing this, is currently using about 1-2% cpu and about 7 meg of ram. I also know that CIS will have the necessary certificates eventually and the only small problem with CIS at the moment is a few FP’s which I have no doubt will be fixed. I have a Dell Inspiron with a AMD 64 with 3 gig ram and 250gig HD (which was just reformatted) so my machine is not really slow. But using NOD 32 just about brought is to a stand still. BTW i hope you all forgive me for trying a different AV, I wont do it again, I promise. Anyway, to Melih and the team, you have done an exceptional job for being “the new kid on the block” and you all need to be congatulated for the find piece of software you have in CIS. I am amazed at companies like ESET who have been around for years that they can’t build a piece of software which is better than it is. It just shows the commitment that all the guys at Comodo have in bringing out the best internet security suite on the market, and its only going to get better. I am looking forward to the future versions.
Keep up the sensational work.

I’ve been testing NOD32 V4 beta, and I’ve not experienced your issues, although the RC version sometimes struggles when downloading a file through Internet Explorer for example. I have just installed V4 on my main PC which uses CIS for firewall & Defense+.

There have been reports of CPU hogging issues with the v4 beta, but I would have hoped these have been fixed before the release.

As for CIS antivirus, I have a PC with just CIS installed and using the antivirus option. Unfortunately, the antivirus totally locks the machine half way through a scan, although the PC is definitely clean. I willing to give CIS some slack as it is free, but to say it is sensational is overkill. It does have problems with certain configurations which need fixing.

NOD V4 is the first release, so if it has problems with some configurations, it wouldn’t entirely surprise me. I’m not defending NOD32, and I would hope, however, that these issues are fixed quickly as it is a paid-for program. But I do not think that CIS antivirus is better…yet!

Roll on CAVS I say! I have nod32 v4 cpu on startup 100% for 5 minutes, open a program cpu 100% unless all advanced heuristics & runtime packers unchecked. So basically whats the point in having it? On another pc I have cis 3.8, boclean & avira free not a problem. Oh by the way tuneup utilities also identifies nod as a resource hog.

Nods self defence seems to be the resource hog is there a workaround perhaps?

Nods self defence seems to be the resource hog is there a workaround perhaps?
Disable NOD32's self-defense and use comodo to defend it :) LOL !ot!

Explain please. I have cis 3.8 set to safe mode & nod 32 maximum settings.

Explain please. I have cis 3.8 set to safe mode & nod 32 maximum settings.
I wrote my post trying to be funny (it failed) :( But if you really want to disable nod32 version 4's self defense

Start here:
Assuming you’ve got a version 4 ESET product, disable self-defense in you ESET program (open the GUI and press F5, click on the “Antivirus and antispyware” option in the list on the left, and then un-check the “Enable self-defense” (third check box) option in the main section on the right) then REBOOT


Sarcasm attempted & failed eh! Not an easy art form to perfect but easy to fail. Yes easy enough to disable nod protection but shouldn’t nod then be put into protected files? The issue here is about nods resource use because no solutions are found on noids forum.

Sarcasm attempted & failed eh!
I bow my head in shame :) but the only thing that makes me feel better is Im using avira Premium instead of nod32 :)

You know what I agree! Avira far lighter on my other laptop.