NOD 32 Smart Security 4 + COMODO firewall with defence+ ?

Need your expert opinion on a major change about to take place in my computer.

I’m running windows XP SP3 with NOD 32 Smart Security v.4.

Now I’m thinking of using Comodo firewall with defence+ along side NOD 32 Smart Security v.4 with it’s own firewall disabled…

If I disable the firewall module from the settings it says I need to restart the computer for the changes to take effect. After the restart all the features related to firewall vanishes from the panel… At that point it looks like I don’t even have a firewall installed. The panel doesn’t even show “firewall disabled”, but any mention about a firewall is simply not there any more. Seems like a rock-solid shutdown to me! Plus I’d like to keep my options open with a secondary firewall to fall back on, just in case I decide to uninstall Comodo! But I’m no tech-savvy. I need advice…

Now my question is, are there any possibility of conflicts occurring between these two apps with these settings? ???

Please advice!

In your case, there is no need for Smart Security, just Antivirus Solution from ESET.
With comodo firewall, should do fine.
Be on the lookout for anti-malware solution, and have some kind of virtualisation going…
When you do all this, you’re good to go… :wink:

Someone finally answered…

I totally understand what you are saying. But what I want to know is something a bit more specific…

Can I run nod 32 smart security v.4 with comodo firewall defence+ ? I know they both have firewalls, so if disable nod 32’s firewall everything should work fine, right?


As I have already answered, Antivirus has the same characteristics as Smart Security, just without firewall.
But for your specific question, yes, you could do that, and it should work together just fine in theory, but nothing is guaranteed in practice, so I suggest you make a virtual machine just for the test and see if they both coexist together, just to be safe…
If it goes inside this program with flying colors, you’re good to go.
If not, at least it won’t damage your pc.
So, my recommendation is to try it in virtual machine before you install them on your pc… :wink:
Post back your results and what you did so the rest can know the great mistery… :slight_smile:

I did try it the way I mentioned above. My PC slowed down!!! Task manager was showing CPU Usage to 100%… SpyBot’s TeaTimer was also running during all this… Tried twice with the same result…

My guess is it had something to do with nod 32…

Back to nod 32’s firewall for now… :-\

Hi CreepyKangaroo,

Kill the Tea Timer it is quite redundant with D+ and could easily cause misery.


Tried it. It seemed to have worked since it was not eating up 100% CPU but system was still noticeably slow especially right after system start up.

There are no other security applications running in background other than ESET. If this is because of a conflict its probably with ESET, I think.

Actually, CIS+NOD32 Antivirus works great.
But do not use any other antivirus or anti-spyware software with CIS+NOD32 combination.
It frequently makes conflicts.
Do not use CIS+NOD32 Smart security.

I recommand you.

1.Uninstall all of security softwares.
2.Install CIS first.
3.Install NOD32 Anti-virus(not nod32 smart security because even if you disable firewall function from
nod32 smart security some modules from nod32 smart security are still alive) great.


‘CIS with DEFEND+ except comodo anti virus’ + NOD32 Antivirus V4.0 works great.
CIS+NOD32 Smart Security(even if firewall function disabled) works BAD.

Thanks Creasy. :-TU

^Sounds like you are talking from experience…

I’ll get off my lazy *** and try it again… :-\

Generally speaking, having 2 or more antivirus or firewall products running at the same time is always a bad idea, and not protecting you as it should! :wink:

Seems to be working ok right now(EAV + CF Defence+).

Thanks for all the replies people! :slight_smile:

PS: There usually isn’t any easy solution especially when I want it the most… :THNK

i installed COMODO IS with NOD32 and tested the NOD32 performance as a whole and effectiveness only for web acces protection. i am not really impressed by nod32 in both cases but yes they work together without any problem.

What i recommend is that use Comodo IS with AVAST which is far better in performance and effectiveness for web access protection and you will not lose your system performance.

In my opinion avast is best anti virus and web access protection you will realize this with in a month after installing and comodo IS is best IS suite and both perfectly work together.