no way to see internet trafic in CIS6

i always loved the feature CIS 3-4-5 have in the main window where you can see which program are using internet, and if you clic then you can see the speed and how much have been download and uploaded.
but CIS6 removed that feature, i think i have read on some place that you can see it on killswitch, but its a lie, after 2-3 weeks i still haven’t found where to enable it or where killswitch should have it, if someone can explain to me how to get it back in CIS6 please do, (images are welcome), because im seriously thinking on stick to CIS5 if CIS6 will not have it.

What do you mean with that? What do you miss on: “Switch to Tasks”\Advanced Tasks\Watch Activity\Choose “Network” tab below “Options”? Btw. i have Watch Activity pinned to “Task Bar” at “Home” screen.

Same for me …

in network tap there are no internet activity, if you still dont understand what is missing now i will make a comparative photo

in comparation cis 6 killswitch doesnt says anything

already tried to enable columns but with no results

Ah now i see. You’re right. I don’t mind about the programs listed like on Cis5 home screen (as it doesn’t show services, also a bit buggy etc. etc.), but for sure Bytes In/Out should be shown. KillSwitch anyway needs some update as it doesn’t show “add to trusted files and terminate & block” too as already discovered.

Don’t worry they will improve KillSwitch but you should post it in CIS 6 whitelist imo0

I also miss that the source and destination IPs are missing

Really? That shouldn’t be. I do see them. It’s just renamed to Local/Remote Adress from Source/Destination and default most names are resolved. You can uncheck that at options if you like.

aha 88)
hadn’t un checked resolve option