no way of choosing which saved login password-username for each site

Comodo Dragon will only fill one username-password combination and gives no way for user to choose which combination of saved usernames and passwords to use, even though more than one combination can be saved for any login page. This saved login feature is therefore incomplete.

I have been able to test this so far just on an email provider, but I suspect this problem will be for any or all login pages. C D gives no way to choose which username and password to use when we have more than one account (meaning more than one username & password combination) for a login page. Much more thoroughly developed is the login-saving feature from Norton Internet Security and Norton 360, allowing us to choose which login among many for any single login page. Is the more flexible feature present in or from other Comodo security products, like having available a toolbar which works with a browser so that the choice of which login for a page can be made?