no virus database update for 2 days

virus database version 18849 is installed and for two days i don’t get any updates. normally i get updates many times a day. why are there no virus database updates?
i remember that this was already happening some months ago, that for 2 days or so there have been no updates.

Hi , I have the same problem so hopefully someone will have a solution for us! waiting in anticipation. :slight_smile:


Windows 8 Action Centre says “COMODO antivirus is out of date -Update now”. However Comodo says “Up to date” although no updates have been received for over two days now.
What’s going on?

Same problem here, it says up to date, but last definitions were 2 days ago.

Comodo have not updated definitions in two days check here, maybe people have stopped writing threats all of a sudden !

Latest Database Version:
Release Date (all times GMT):
11-Jul-2014 14:59:58
Number of Definitions Added Today:
Total Definitions:

Seems OK now. Just updated to 18852.

Yeah CIS updated for me about 11 minutes ago.

Mine has updated as well since i posted above. :slight_smile:

yes it updated 8 hours ago to database version 18852.
just now it updated to 18854.

a statement from comodo why this happened again would be appreciated. 88)

i have database version 19659 and now again for one day no updates.

edit: just now it updated to version 19663.