No version number!

I’m fairly sure I’m using version 2.4, but under About all I see is this:

Version :
Comodo Certified Applications Database Version :

Subscription Validity : Lifetime
Licensed Type : Full

No version numbers shown – just blank for both entries.

Please advise.

Just download Comodo Firewall 3 and that’s it. Unless you feel nostalgy for 2.4 :SMLR

yes, well, I tried that once and it cost me wasted hours recovering from the disaster.

I won’t be trying v3 again until there are a lot fewer problem reports, and I’m not alone there – many others are still saying the same thing, even though many of the early problems do seem to have been fixed.

If I had time to be a guinea pig I wouldn’t mind putting in the effort, but the simple fact is I don’t have the time. I’m staying with 2.4 for the time being.