No USB Ports = No Mouse or Keyboard!!

I have a bit of a dilemma. I just installed the free version of Comodo Firewall 64bit to my PC. Everything was working 100% until i needed to restart the pc after the Comodo installation. When windows started up I noticed my keyboard and mouse weren’t working (they both plugged in via usb). Then I turned some other things on that use usb like my modem and external hhd and nothing showed up on the still screen… no usb ports are being read!! I think Comodo’s blocking the drivers

The problem is My PC doesnt have any old school mouse or keyboard imputs so basically I cant use any old mouse or keyboards on this PC in order to revert the damage that i’m pretty sure is done by the Comodo Firewall. How do I reverse this??? I need my PC rather importantly for work reasons

Thanks in advance. Some Specs are

Asus mothebroard
3ghz Dual Core
4 Gig ram
Windows 7 Enterprise N
Virus: Avast Free
Firewall: Comodo Free

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This is more asking for help than a bug report so I am moving to Help.


Sorry for the confusion swaartbaard,

Nothing was damaged so don’t worry.

Are you able to reboot and get into Windows Safe Mode?
Did you change any default D+ settings?

If you can get into Windows Safe Mode start the CIS GUI and change your D+ mode to Training and then try to reboot normally.
Then if successful, you should be able to go back to D+ Safe mode or your prior setting.

Let us know.


Thanks for the help

I didnt open Comodo or change any settings before restarting my PC.

Before I read these replies I tried a few things:

1: I went into bios and it detected both usb mouse and keyboard
2: I booted into safe mode but still no mouse or keyboard…
3: I booted into windows recovery and here the mouse worked (dunno about the keyboard because I didnt need to type). I tried to convert to a restore point before comodo was installed but on 2 attempts at two different intervals, I was told at the end of the restore that a restore was not possible. When it eventually booted into windows, no keyboard or mouse

Please try the suggestion by BadFrogger and let us know if that helped or not.

Could you specify CIS version # or where you got it from?

Have you tried unplugging the USB keyboard/mouse.
Let windows boot to Desktop It is getting this far?
Then observe what happens when you plug in the USB’s as windows tries to recognize them and may try to reinstall the drivers automatically.

If this works and you get input back then you can check for any conflict with Avast, CIS, the particular USB drivers loading.


Hi sorry for late reply. I sorted it out after a whole lot of trial and error.

I used windows restore to restore to the earliest possible restore point. When windows rebooted the mouse and keyboards were working. I re-installed aAvast and Comodo but before restarting in order for the changes to take affect, i added the usb port drivers (c:\windows\system32\drivers\usbhub.sys etc) to the trusted applications list of Comodo. When I restarted everything worked fine.

Thanks for the help!