NO UPDATES/Earlier Beta version

Hi all i am running Version and updater tells me to download newer full release version…Q1 Do i have to re-register and get a new activation code…Q2 If so do i have to fully uninstall the old version or isit ok to write over the top?? i am starting to get p…off with all this stuffing about…My other pc somehow is working differently and auto checks for updates on startup?? pls help…cheers… (R) (R)

Hi coreyd, welcome to the forums.

Ignore it, as far as I know automatic updates are not enabled for beta versions of CFP. In addition you cannot “upgrade” from the release version or a previous beta version to the next beta version. You must uninstall the previous version & then install the new beta.

The latest CFP beta version ( is here & all posts relating to CFP betas should be made in BETA Corner.

Thanx BOSS all up to date and working///And i didnt have to reregister…cheers…

Oops sorry, I forgot about your registration question. Yes, once registered you do not have to register again even if you uninstall & re-install.