No update function

Hi there,

currently, I use the CIS 5.5.1957xxxxx. Because of having to install on my new laptop CIS as well, I downloaded it from the website and realized that the design is different. I installed version 5.8.xxxx
However, when I check for updates in my 5.5 version it says that it is up-to-date - but this cannot be true if there is already 5.8, can it? What’s the problem here.


The automatic updater isn’t serving 5.8 yet.

ok, does that mean that it takes a little longer until the update is offered?

Yes, the quickest way to update older versions is to download it manually.

When 5.8 was released, they said the automatic updates would be starting during the next week. This is the start of the next week, so the we can expect the updates to start rolling out any day now.