No trusted application option??

Hi, just in the last month or two Comodo has been popping up windows for nearly every connection to the internet or registry to be approved. It never used to be like this and I can’t think of anything I’ve done to change it.

Even when I hit allow or accept it keeps popping up windows until I’ve gone through 5 minutes of allowing pop ups then the programs run. It seems like the only way to bypass it is to go into installation mode - but even then there are a few pop ups.

I thought that maybe it forgot for some reason what my trusted applications were but I went to add then again and it doesn’t give me an option for trusted application in the scrolling menu anymore - it’s only installation mode.

Even Windows is popping up like crazy like “System” and others.

But every time I run a program, even if I’ve “remembered” it, it still goes through a series of pop ups to get it launched. Quite frustrating.

Any help is greatly appreciated!