No Tray Icon in Windows XP

Hi, i found in my xp machine, comodo tray icon is not active for some time after installed. There is no cfp.exe file active in the procest list. Tray icon just active 2 or three times after install. When cfp.exe not active, there is no any report/interuption by comodo if i open/run any new application until i open comodo manually. This issue i never found in my windows 7 machine where have a same hardware specification and other securiy software installed (in windows xp & 7 machine).

This is a common problem that seems to happen with windows XP, I used to have this problem and the way that I solved it was that I went to customise notification area and looked for CIS (open it beforehand) and set it to always be visible. You would be surprised at the success of this.

Thank you, i’ll try your suggestion. Maybe you can help me with my another problem on

I have try your suggestion, but it still same. Even if make string value in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, after windows restart this value is disappear.

Do you use any registry guards other than comodo? You might have blocked the registry key from being created.
If you do not, then it might be an infection.
Are you sure that the value isn’t there?

I have anti-exe from faronics intalled in my computer. But the value in HKCU did not deleted.

Ok, it seems the anti-exe is the problem. I have update again the anti-exe rule, and comodo icon tray always appear now. Thank you very much for your help. But i still not have solution for

I’ll have a look at it.