No tray icon in 1.1 Beta?

Comodo Antiviruspyware comes with Launchpad, while from Comodo Personal Firewall current version it was removed. When I installed CAVS 1.1 Beta only CPF’s and CLP’s icons are displayed in system tray? Where’s the CAVS icon? Shouldn’t it be displayed? Or is it a bug that I haven’t found in the forums?


CAVS 1.1 Beta does not have its own systray icon. Although I believe the next beta (CAVS 2, due next week) will have its own systray icon (like CPF)… and many other goodies.

Thanks! That explains few more things :wink: It was a bit strange to me that CAVS didn’t have his own tray icon… :slight_smile:

CPF didn’t originally have its own systray icon either. It was originally conceived that everything would run from the Comodo Launch Pad (CLP). CLP is a good idea… But, not if you’re only running 1 or 2 Comodo products. Anyway, user pressure changed all that… now everything will get its own systray icon & in the future it will hopefully be optional. Separate systray icon or integrated into CLP.

Sometimes we are just use to it. Without the tray icon, one will wonder whether is the AV realtime protection is loaded.

That’s a good point.

Btw, even when I have an option I usually use own tray icon for each product, but when one piece of software has few icons I like to split them into one.

Normally, I only keep security software tray icon such AV, Firewall & etc. Others I will remove.