No traiing mode for Sandbox?

Comodo Firewall 4.0.135239.742
Windows XP Pro SP-3

To get Comodo up to speed, I rebooted my hosts several times (besides the reboot needed after installing CIS). Alas, the install of CIS does not enable Training mode for Defense+ by default (i.e., allow the user to make CIS assume to host is clean) so I get barraged with 3 dozen prompt for which I don’t have time to answer them all before they disappear from the screen (I later upped the time the popups would remain on the screen). There were lots of programs that Sandbox kept saying were unknown but are some rather old applications (3M Post-It Notes, Logitech Mouseware, Cyberpower UPS monitor, for example). So I rebooted and answered some more prompts about sandboxed apps (none on my host need this yet). It took 4 reboots (1 for CIS and another 3 to get all prompts taken care of) before I no longer got a Sandbox prompt. I noticed all these apps went into the My Safe Files list because I selected “Do not run this application inside the Sandbox again” at the prompt.

What is ridiculous is that Sandbox won’t learn although Defense+ was put into Training mode. Since the Sandbox feature becomes disabled if Defense+ is disabled, it most certainly appears that Sandbox is dependent on the functionality of Defense+. So if Defense+ is in Training mode than should so Sandbox be in Training mode (i.e., it should add all unknown apps to it under My Safe Files). Trying to get CIS up to speed is pain, anyway, but Training mode is supposed to help - but not with the Sandbox feature.

Defense+ Training mode = Enabled
Sandbox = Enabled

This should have the Sandbox getting trained right along with Defense+. Nope. I had planned to go through all my apps while training mode was enabled so generate rules for them in Defense+. I really didn’t plan on having to answer a prompt from Sandbox on every app that Comodo hasn’t yet recorded in their whitelist.

If Defense+ training mode is on, that should mean the Sandbox gets trained, too.