No traffic reporting

Hi, I have the following problems - after the last update the firewall seems to have stopped monitoring traffic - the whole “active connections window” is empty and when I click on active connections I see the programs connected, but no traffic (0B) is indicated. Apart from that the firewall seems to be working fine and blocking intrusion attempts (e.g. on port 135 or 445).
Can the issue be fixed in an easy way?

Hello Bongo,

Can you tell us your connection details ? Do you happen to run a PPP/PPPoE connection.
There is an issue with the current version, the fix will be released this/next week.

Yes, I’m running a PPP connection if a HSDPA modem counts. And I’m running vista 32bit.
Another problem - after a fer uninstalls and reinstalls I get the firewall asking me about certain applications while it ignores others and lets them work - although all of them were allowed to communicate with the internet before.

You can’t fix it, you could go back to a previous version or wait for the next release, it’s a bug.