No Traffic being displayed in XP sp3

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I’ve installed Comodo CIS, sans AV on 4 machines. I am checking it out before we purchase the corporate version and deploy on the rest of the systems. Everything seems to be going reasonably well, except that the traffic is not showing on 2 of the systems.

The main system I am having problems with is my main development system at work. So here is what I have done so far, sorry, but it is a long story.

First installed, but didn’t think about other possible conflicts (naturally, I read the instructions after all else failed). I messed it up, ended up not being able to access my computer at all, so manually tore everything out of the registry, and got my computer back up. That was fun. (I don’t isolate system processes anymore).

After getting COMODO all reinstalled and working like a charm, I noticed that I was showing traffic in an old version of ZoneAlarm (Very old), but not in COMODO. Then I realized this could be a problem (or the cause of the problem). So, I ripped out every sort of AV/Firewall that I had ever installed, including COMODO, rebooted, and then installed COMODO, and rebooted. And, it didn’t fix it. Darn.

This installation also shows no inbound or outbound connections. When I reinstalled ZA, it showes 4 connections nearly immediately (that’s the most it can show). So, well, I know there are connections, and I know there is traffic, but neither show in COMDO.

Please help.



Welcome to the Forum, Dbj999.

This problem has been due in the past to a faulty install. Since you have already uninstalled a few times, and have deactivated an active AV, there may be remnants still on your computer causing a problem.
Try uninstalling with Revo Uninstaller, clean your registry, and make sure no other AV is active. Then reboot and do a clean install.
This (should) resolve the issue.

For a clean install try:
Start with exporting your configuration to a folder that is not part of the Comodo folder under Program Files. This way you can restore your configuration after the reinstall.

Uninstall CIS and reboot. Then run Comodo System Cleaner to get rid off registry keys.

Then delete the Comodo folders under:
Program Files, Program Files\Common Files, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ for Windows XP.
For Vista/Win7:
Program Files, Program Files\Common FilesUsers%username%\appdata\local, Users%username%\appdata\roaming\ and \Users%username%\appdata\local\virtual store .

To be even more thorough open Device Manager and set it to show hidden devices under menu option View. Then see if there are Comodo driver(s) left in non Plug and Play drivers. If so select the driver → click right → uninstall and reboot.

Now delete the following:
C:\boot.ini.comodofirewall (this file may not exist).
WARNING: Do not mistakenly remove the original “boot.ini”.

Now you should be good to go and give the install a try.

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