No Threatcast?

I have chosen to join Threatcast, however in my Firewall and Defense+ windows there is no Threatcast rating. Anyone else have this problem?


This has happened before.

Where you connected to the internet during CIS’s install?

Yes, I was.


Then I’m not sure why… :THNK

I don’t think ThreatCast is working at the moment. Someone else sent me a PM about this on 13th, they were getting ICMP type 3’s logged by CIS from the TC server and since a Type 3 is a Destination Unreachable that is a fairly good indication that TC wasn’t working. I’m not sure if it’s been down all that time, but it’s certainly not responding at the moment. After checking with the other Mods, I’ll PM Melih about this.

Come to think of it…I haven’t seen one either for a few days. I know it isn’t this installation, because I used to have them about a week ago (roughly estimated).

PM sent to Elery (TC team member) and Melih. But, it is the weekend.

Ok, so I see that many other users seem to have similar issues with Threatcast, hope it gets fixed soon then.


Thanks for informing about problems! Now i up TC server and all working normally.

Best regards, Andrey.

still not woking 4 me

strange… I receive quick and right responces from TC server now

TC is not working for me either. Using a packet sniffer I can see the UDP going out to (, but it never responds. Responds to pings OK though. So, I’m probably getting a ICMP message reply, but my router is blocking it & I cannot see it.

I could ask the user who gets ICMP blocks in CIS to test it if required.

Hi guys.

I am in the same boat. I do not have TC since July. I had hope that with a OS reinstall and clean install of the latest CIS 3.12.xxxxx.560 TC would have showed up, but it has not. Back in July, I followed some instructions from dchernyakov to ping the Comodo servers, with success and I PM with Elery for a report on my TCcomp_ID; However, they got stuck for an answer. :-\

Hi Kail. You were right. Thanks

Here olso TC not working today worked but short time and its gone again before when TC pop up i recived ICMP messages blocked but not now ani more.

Ping to works but TC is down much of the time these last weeks for me at least.