No system tray icon

I installed the latest version of BOClean and noticed that there isn’t a tray icon for it. I have to manually kick-off the program in order for the icon to appear. After a reboot, the icon once again disappears. Is this normal behavior?

The protection software I’m using is CFP, Spyware Terminator (with CLAM A/V enabled) and BOClean. Other than a few glitches they all seem to play well together.


Nope, sounds like your install didn’t get the startup key set in the registry.
You may need to check the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key.
Look at the DWord value name BOC-423 on the right side and check and see that it points to “C:\PROGRA~1\NSClean\BOClean\BOC423.exe” in the data column.

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if you have “spywareterminator” running in realtime, maybe it is conflicting with BOC when BOC is also trying to run in realtime…

you could also look at BOC’s “configuration”, if you can manage to get BOC to run, and check to see if the option for “automatically start BOC” is checked…

i would try uninstalling BOC, then disabling all of your other security programs, temporarily, and then reinstalling BOC… also, since BOC will run automatically when you reboot the computer, i would disable spywareterminator’s realtime scanning so that it doesn’t conflict with BOC… see if BOC will run OK for you, then…