No system tray icon of CPF: did it crash?

Returning to my PC after more than 8 hrs, the Comodo Personal Firewall system tray icon disappeared. I checked the Windows Event Viewer for Application or System entries for crashes, but no entries.

Then I clicked the CPF shortcut to view the GUI again and discovered that the activity log was purged (empty). I immediately gave my PC a mixed shot of anti- virus, spyware and rootkit scans. The system seems to appear clean though. So I presume, CPF was still protecting my PC.

The question is: how can this have happened? I never had my firewall disappear from the system tray before.

Next time, I will check for CPF processes in the Windows Task Manager before I draw the conclusion that CPF may have crashed. I was unpleasantly shocked to see that my CPF suddenly disappeared, though.

Maybe it is a good idea to have CPF create an entry in the Windows Event Viewer and/or its own Activity Log when the GUI crashes, also providing information what e.g. the processes were nevertheless still running and protecting the PC.

Hi, it could be windows has hidden inactive icons.