No sys tray icon [RESOLVED]

Hi, and first of all thanks for developing what looks like a great piece of software (am very new to it, having installed it only two days ago).

I have a question: I have disabled the LaunchPad. I understand form a previous post,343.0.html
that this means that no icon shows up in the system tray - which I confirm is true. However, one of my main uses of the sys tray is to insure that my security programs (firewall, antivirus, antispyware) are up and running, so it really pains me not having it there and needing to check the task manager at each startup.
Any suggestions for a workaround to have the firewall icon in the sys tray?

Hi flashgordon and welcome to the forums. It is nice to know that you like Comodo products.

Regarding the issue of you having to check for CPF at the startup, there is actually no need for you to do it. If CPF is ticked in MSConfig, then you can be assured that it will launch. Your request of having a firewall icon at the system tray is already in the wishlist and I am sure that Comodo is working on it. Who knows, they might even include an animated one like ZoneAlarm (this is also in the wishlist).

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Hi and welcome,

There is no way to have a tray icon without LaunchPad, however Comodo are going to change LaunchPad to a user defined option and have either icons for the applications or just LaunchPad icon.

You can use the software without LaunchPad, but you will have to create a shortcut on your desktop to open the programs, but they will still start automatically if you haven’t disabled them through msconfig. Also, there may be an increased risk of crashes without LaunchPad running.

Again welcome to the forums,

Yep, we already requested that in the wishlist-sticky and we’re going to get this! :smiley:

Btw, flashgordan, do I know you from somewhere? Your alias seems familiar.

there are system tray programs out there that will add icons:


this may be the sort of thing, setup for cpf.exe

and a process monitor/guard if you really need it, to monitor comodo

also a desktop shortcut to cpf.exe will launch the firewall window.

Im waiting for it to be added, but I do have the desktop icon as above.

Erm moderators, I don’t think it is appropriate to mark this thread resolved as flashgordon have not replied, right? :wink:

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Good point, just changed it. It was marked resolved as there was not really an issue.


Hi Mike, this is truly great and all, and I’m personally glad to hear it…but just remember:

The sooner the better!!! :smiley: :wink:

Add my vote for wanting a tray icon just for CPF.exe. I have enough processes running already–it makes zero sense for me to run an extra application just to provide a tray icon.

But until then:

just create a desktop shortcut to cpf.exe to launch the firewall window without going through launchpad.

comodo will always be running and you can remove the launchpad from startup if you dont want it.

Thanks–I had been doing that. Also, I just started using Actual Window Manager to create a faux tray icon for CPF.exe. (Actual Window Manager is shareware, but I already owned a copy.)

You could also add it to quick launch taskbar (windows XP).

“right click” task bar > toolbars > quicklaunch. then drag the “cpf.exe” shortcut on to it. no extra processes runnning then

Actually, that doesn’t seem to be true; CPF.exe continues running, invisibly, even when closed. There’s also a separate value for it under the HKLM.…\Run key in the registry: C:\Program Files\Comodo Personal Firewall\CPF.exe sysrestart

Yeah, really the bottom line is this: The sooner Comodo incorporates the system tray firewall icon (with no “Launch Pad”) into the product so that users don’t have to think of, or create ways to show and have an icon (either for cosmetic purposes, or as a way to access the interface), the better off we’ll all be…

First of all, thanks for the welcome to the forum, and the quick answers from everybody. I’ll have a look at the various workarounds suggested.
As a separate note, judging from the number of aligned comments in just a few hours, I would guess that this icon stuff, though not crucial, should go high on the priority list as it would make several people happy (:TNG)

Finally, this is just for BullHorn, i’ve been around on forums (but don’t call me promiscuous) so it’s possible we’ve run into each other already. I know I’ve met somebody else using my same alias, too, so who knows?


The Comodo teams are looking to get the products right first and then they will focus on LaunchPad, but this should not be too long.