No support?

your staff can’t even answer a simple question after days, why don’t you start paying them so we could get a better help at this forum ???

I split your topic from the CIS v6 - Security for the Masses topic and moved it. Your posting in that topic was inappropriate. Eric

Hi Cimpo,
This is a community user based Forum, any input from staff is bonus. 88)
BTW what question are you referring to?

Cimpo your Notepad dialling out query has had a lot of views and no replies. Presumably none of us know the answer, which is not surprising as this is the Comodo forum. Maybe you should address your question to Microsoft Support whose application it is?

I am not sure I understand why you think Comodo should be employing people to answer your queries when CIS is a free program unless you choose to pay for extras.

Hi captainsticks

I understand what you are saying 100% and that is exactly why I said what I said and I see no disrespect to Comodo or the forum staff in my suggestion, I think Comodo can provide some incentive (it’s not like they can’t). I don’t expect anything from a person who don’t get paid (my view), it’s not logical unless he has a compulsive behavior to answer everything which is rare.

JamesFrance, I already read the old reply from Comodo which does not make sense by the way and it shows that they claim to know whats happening but they just don’t see it’s important “anymore” to alarm users about ?!??!

I am a firewall engineer of COMODO, [b]we will solve it in next version. in fact, getting alert about IGMP packet is normal, but usually this kind of packet is not important[/b], so we will let it to be invisible for customer in future version. if you have any question, please reply message here or send private message to me.

My view about this situation in random points:

  1. This is a very old issue that is still not fixed but why Comodo, suddenly in 2013, started alarming me about it? my last update was long time ago, shouldn’t that puzzle me and where would I ask beside here firsrt, it’s Comodo’s alert?
  2. They say they know about it but they want to “fix it” so at minimum they know about it, not like you presume.
  3. Anything can be exploited by hackers so why hide it from users? also, it’s happening in custom policy mode. that reply doesn’t make sense.
  4. I never heard a reply saying go ask Microsoft, I thought if Comodo blocks it then they know something about, and my guess that you are insulting them by presuming that no one knows about it, it’s not space engineering 88)

I am not sure I understand why you are against providing some incentive or some form of compensation to staff who are already helping all types of users (payers and free users) and it’s not like I’m asking for VIP service here, just a simple question that was never solved ???

OH!!! and about those poor free users, you should be thankful to them, they provided free feedback to Comodo from many many years ago and helped Comodo reach it’s current status by risking their PC security and trusting Comodo and they are still thankful that they are allowed to use a free version but you don’t see that they deserve more attention? oh their job has finished, we should dump them now? and no it has not been answered properly, it is treated like an act of nature that can’t be explained.

Thanks Dennis2

There is no answer anywhere… I searched Google for days and contacted people who asked about it years before, basically we are asked to ignore it or read about multicasting.

I guess I have to treat it as if Comodo don’t have an answer, I will try Microsoft but I already know their answer, they will forward me to some page speaking about multicast :frowning: this is a security question not a networking question, notepad !! regedit !! wordpad !! … everything in my PC suddenly needs networking access ???

To answer you, I felt it is a malware based on not finding a real answer, I explained that in my post.