"No such interface supported" after installation.

I have CIS Pro 2011 and after installing it tells me that no such interface is supported. I tried uninstalling and re-installing. I also updated the bases.cav with no luck. It doesn’t let me do anything without telling me there is no such interface supported.

Can you see what av database version is being loaded? Look under More → About.

5.4.189822.1355 is what I see.

Underneath it it should state the database number. See attached image.

How did you update the bases.cav? Did you use the method described in Where can i download the latest full AV database?

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I’ve already done what it says in that link, and when I look it says database 0.

I’ve seen this before.

For whatever reason: the AV database is wacked.

I’m going to edit this post with a means for recovery.

There is a solution to the problem and it works

I KNOW the solution works…

I sure hope so!

Maybe you installed the 64bits version while your OS is 32bits or vice and versa.
Could you check your computer version, 32 or 64 bits, and reinstall CIS in the appropriate version.

Did you try it in Windows Safe Mode? Can you tell me the size of the bases.cav that is in the scanners folder?

Okay . . . . so the version is correct.
With the previous version of CIS I had, it had worked for nearly 7 months before one day suddenly saying that no such interface could be found and making bug reports pop up all the time. So I tried reinstalling with no luck.

bases.cav is a little over 175,000kb.

However I restarted my computer again since I updated it and now it is saying that the Update Failed because insufficient resources exist to complete the requested service.

Can you tell me what hardware you are on and what the size is that is set for the Pagefile?

What do you mean by hardware?
My page file is huge. I have it set to about 15 gigs.

What CPU and how much memory?

My page file is huge. I have it set to about 15 gigs.
It depends on how much RAM you have of course. But I guess it could be enough.

Creating excessively large pagefiles will not help your system in any way. You’d be better off creating a fixed sized pagefile, that’s appropriate for the amount of physical RAM you have. Here’s a useful read on the subject:

Pushing the Limits of Windows: Virtual Memory

Back on topic. If you use the ‘Advanced Search’ option at the top of the page, you’ll find lots of links to threads where people have had similar problems, perhaps there’s a solution… Just use “No such interface supported” with quotes, as the search criteria.

sorry if i post here, but since igetting the same exact error after installing CIS, i tought no need to open another post.

Anyway, after i’ve installed and rebooted, opening CIS gives me that error.
Tried to unistall, clean with cleaning tool provided (Comodo Forum), reboot and reinstall but didnt solve the issue.

Using x86 version (cispremium_installer_x86.exe) on a W7-Ultimate system.

More than that it blocks any browser i try to open.

Im quite sure it has something to do with some service conflict or the firewall protocol thats installed on ethernet board. But i dont know how to do any further investigations.

Any help pls ?

Just out of interest, do you have a single network interface card, or perhaps a static wired connection as well as a wireless connection?

single network interface card on the pc connected to a router, wich handles adsl and wireless stuff

When you look at the properties for the NIC is there a comodo firewall driver in the list and is it enabled?


Can you check the av database number? See in the above for where to look.

When the database number is zero please follow Where can i download the latest full AV database? to manually install. After installing it run the updater again for the latest incremental updates.