No success with Comodo 3.9

In the last week I installed Comodo firewall 3.9 thinking it was about time to move on from 2.4. As I use Nod 32 I just installed the firewall with maximum proactive defence. I set the firewall at custom and defence at safe mode.

I then started to have problems with blank DVDs and packet written discs when inserted into my Asus DVD writer, the computer would mostly shut down and go into a reboot loop unless I took out the disc quickly as it started to reboot. All other discs would operate normally, but I was going to be stuck for creating new discs either for packet writing or burning. I disabled defence and the firewall and tried the discs again with the same results, eventually I did a recovery with Acronis taking things back to just before Comodo 3.9 installation. This has sorted the problem my DVD writer now works properly again.

I was also having problems with defence blocking SpywareGuard as it started up even after putting its files in my safe files.

I am now using Comodo 2.4 again and I am reticent to try 3.9 again.

Are you sitting at a windows 2000 system? Is it possible you had your DVD software blocked from running properly by D+? =/

Usually when a file is blocked do not just add it to safe file. Make sure its not blocked Defence+ > advanced > Computer security policy… And for internet access check Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy.

Is this the spywareguard you are running?

That one is clean… however there is fake AVs calling them self “spywareguard 2008”, “spywareguard 2009” and stuff like that

If you have one of those I can understand why comodo and it is “fighting”…


If you are certain that your ‘Image’ is clean, put ‘DEFENSE+’ in ‘Training Mode’ until you’ve tested everything. (Don’t Download or Install things whilst D+ is in ‘Training Mode’. Just make sure your Hardware & Software are working properly.)

First, try ‘Internet Security’ instead of ‘Proactive Security’. If that works fine, bump it up to ‘Proactive Security’, but keep it in ‘Training Mode’ until you’ve finished testing your DVD’s. (Again, don’t Download or Install things whilst D+ is in ‘Training Mode’.)

You may also wish to remove your ‘SpywareGuard’ for now.

I don’t guarantee the above will work, but that’s the steps I would take.

Nice to see you back J, bit cloudy up north today :wink:

You too, I don’t usually see day-light if I can help it. I’m more of a :-La kinda’ guy! ;D

SpywareGuard is most definitely the javacoolsoftware version. I have used it since Windows 98, and have used it for a few years now on Windows XP. I was aware that there is malware with the same name, but thanks Monkey_Boy for the suggestion anyway. I did check for it being blocked and also added it as a trusted application as well as adding the files to my safe files.

Thanks J2045, I might well try again at an easier level of security, hopefully it is just not my setup that 3.9 does not like, 2.4 has been trouble free which was one of the reasons I have been slow moving on.