No secure connections anymore?

Hello all,

I’ve been using Dragon happily for many months up until a couple of days ago when I was supposed to update Flash, which I couldn’t do as the installer kept giving me the message “Application launch failure”.

Also, Dragon can’t establish secure connections anymore with websites where this is critical like Yahoo mail, PayPal, my banking site, etc.

Anyone has an idea what might have happened? I was inclined to do a system restore but all I said above is not the case with Firefox for example.

Thank in advance for any help. Below is a screenshot of when I tried to access my web-based Yahoo email:

UPDATE: I have attached information about PayPal from CD and Ffox. Also, once I disable Kaspersky KIS 2015 (disable, not pause) I get secure and private connections on all websites with all certificates being recognised. What is KIS doing wrong? Should I switch to another security suite?

[attachment deleted by admin]

It looks like Kaspersky filters the https traffic. If that is the case then there is a Kaspersky process decrypting the https traffic. That process is using a Kaspersky certificate.