No scroll down when adding group


I am facing a strange and very embarassing problem with Comodo Firewall. I have a created custom groups roughly 50/60. Each group contain my app, no problem until here. When I am building HIPS or FIREWALL rule and that I want to select the group in the dropdown there is no scroll down possibility. Meaning I can only see the groups that fit on my screen size and I cannot scroll down to my other groups to selec. Please check the pictures you will understand my problem.
Picture 1 is Comodo firewall 5 that I was using with windows 7 (Scroll down is OK)
Picture 2 is Comodo firewall 10 that I am using with Windows 10 (Scroll down does not work)

Thank you

Thanks I referenced your post in an already logged bug in the tracker.

Bug 635


Thanks for your fast answer, it is good to know I am not alone. I will check the bug tracker.

Kind regards.

Could you please redirect me to the right place, I cannot find it in bug reports section.

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Sorry the internal bug tracker is not yet public at this time. So unfortunately you won’t know if it gets fixed unless it is stated in the release notes of newer versions.

Edit: I found it here:

Thank you !
The bug is lasting since 2013…I see.
I’ll keep the tracker post bookmarked to see if it is fixed some day :slight_smile: