No scheduling possible.

hi there. i´m from germany, using comodo backup version 2.2.
i installed the software on my windows server 2003 standard and it works fine - including scheduled tasks.

last week we installed a ney storage server in the office. it´s a windows storage server 2008 r2 (64 bit).
because a backup works much faster if you do a backup directly an not via network, i installed comodo backup on this server.

manual backups are working fine, but it´s not possible to schedule a backupjob.

when i made all needed selections and want to save this scheduled task it says

“there´s a failure when setting the scheduled task. The scheduled task could not be set.”

or in german:
“Beim Setzen der Planung ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Die Planung konnte nicht gesetzt werden.”

No failure-number or so…

Can some one help ???


Please see this topic:
Or you can install the latest CB 3.0 BETA version :