no removing everything after uninstall

I had just give it a try, but the buggy software wil not uninstall properly There ae two instances in the eventviewer that does not uninstall. Worse i cannot uninstall tyhem by hand because they are opened in … .wait fot it … . Windows audio What the F is going on with this s---- Even have to come here and register to ask why? Hate such software

Hello - Here’s the Official Uninstall Tool for CIS: Uninstall Tool

Sorry already give it a try. cannot find a thing.

Did you choose any of the Options at all . . . Comodo Dragon or Secure Shopping?

If so, they’ll be shown as separate Applications in Control Panel and will uninstall as normal from there

Was nothing to chose from.
But i found a solution, removed it from Regisery, reboot voila.
So i can remove myself from this forum. i never wat to be here in the first place

Sorry it didn’t work for you