No refund on Enterprise level software

I’ll probable get kicked for this but here goes.
Over the summer my city purchased CIS with ESM for our network machines to use. After testing five free installations for a month we rolled it out to the rest of the network.
At this point we started experiencing random file permissions problems. With the help of Support we tried for three weeks to resolve the issues but the only thing that worked was to uninstall CIS. In other words, it didn’t work for my environment. It happens like that sometimes.
I asked for a refund as it was within 30 days (I read the CIS EULA) but was told that the refund only applied to CIS Premium.
I’ve been trying for two months to get someone to talk to me about a refund but feel I’m getting stonewalled.
I really hope someone from Comodo will read this and contact me. I don’t understand how anyone can say No Refund when selling enterprise level packages.
I’m extremely frustrated with Comodo at this point and can say that when our network environment changes next year it’s very unlikely for me to consider them.

what version of CIS do you have installed on your machines? Have you tired updating them to V5, it is much more stable then version 4.