No RDP connection after CIS installation on Windows Server 2008 VPS! Any idea?

Hi together,

I´ve some issues with CIS after installing it over RDP on a Windows 2008 R2 VPS.
After installation and rebooting the system, I´m not able to connect via RDP to the server any more! :frowning:
I think, that the CIS firewall closed some ports or deactivate RDP by default?

How can I solve this problem? ???

I´m able to start the Windows rescue system to boot from there and manage all files of the system disk, but I don´t know how to open the port manually or even deactive the firewall of CIS?

Any ideas what is best to do? :-La
Please help me out! (:HUG)


You’re best bet is to run a system restore/image recovery from the rescue menu, to a point before the installation. When/if you next install CIS, make sure you create an Application firewall rule for svchost.exe that allows inbound connections over TCP to port 3389. Also make sure there are no Global rules blocking inbound connections, if there are, create an inbound rule for TCP to port 3389 and place it above any blocks.

Just make sure you add the rules before you reboot!