No Progams Showing Up

I have an interesting problem with the latest version Comodo Firewall. When I open it up and go into my pending files(which there was 7) it shows nothing. There is also no prgrams under firewall and D+. I mean stuff like Firefox,COD4. Any apps that should be there when I installed it. Shutting down Comodo abd restarting it fixes it. But when I reboot they are gone again. Any ideas? Tech Support?

I am not sure about the Pending Files list problem, but the View Firewall/Defense+ Events pages will only show current logs (Since boot up) unless you click the More button. That will show a week’s worth. The programs that have been given permissions by the Firewall or Defense+ will be shown on the Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy page and similarly for Defense+. Can you tell us more about your system/OS/security software and any other likely factors that might be useful?

I am a gamer. I have a 2.8 P4 with 1 gig of ram and a Superclocked 7800GS. I am running XP.

When I go into D+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy there is nothing listed. If I exit Comodo by right click on the icon and hitting exit then double click and reopen Comodo. After doing that everything is there.

Wow, I never heard that one before! Is it the same in firewall, advanced, network security? I’d uninstall and re-install with all other application disabled or in safe mode.

Don’t install in safe mode. That causes problems with CFP - I forget why. Have you turned off any of the System startup services? There is a thread that has mentioned that some problems were caused by people having turned off services that were needed for CFP to run properly. You don’t mention any other security software - there have been conflicts with security software in the past. Most of those problems can be fixed by putting CFP on the safe/exclude/ignore or whatever list for the security program.