no printing


I cannot print anymore pdf documents with FoxitReader, when trying I get the message:

Before you can …, you need to install a printer<

But I have installed a printer.

I tried ‘Print Setup …’ in FoxitReader but there is no printer listed, the dialogue box is empty.

Hope that someone may help, with Acrobat Reader there is no problem.

I guess that Comodo somewhere blocks the printing but not the application because it works fine.

I finished Comodo and: the printing in FoxitReader worked fine.

Where is the parameter I have to change?

Thank you for the help!


Check the D+ logs to see if Foxit gets sandboxed. See if Foxit is in the list of Unrecognised Files. If so select it and move it to Trusted Files. Restart Foxit and see if that helps. When it doesn’t help reboot and try again.