NO power on pc

HI guys!

I have a problem with one of my desktop pc’s, I opened the pc because inside it was filled with dust! I have a small special vacuum cleaner to suck the dust up (YES I HAVE BEEN CAREFULL, HAVE NOT SUCKED ANY CABLES, DID NOT USED ANY WATER AND DID NOT DISCONNECTED ANYTHING!)

Everything looked normal, just as it should be! But when I connected everything back and turned on the power, the pc did not do anything!!! The fans were not working and I did not notice anything from the harddisk either.

On the back of the pc, I see a small led, when it has access to full power it burns green, but today it is blinking!! And I do not understand why it is happening!

My question: Is there something wrong with my powersupplycable?? Or is there a problem with the powersupply of my whole machine??? If it is just the cable I just can buy a new one and problem solved! NO?

Who understands my problem and can help me???

Thank you verry much!


what about asking your droids, I bet they can fix it. I also have this problem, blinking lights, but then it was almost covered in smoke ;D so I think what the problem was …


You mean my pc is dead?? NOOOOOO!

please explain yourself… I want to solve this matter! I might leave the DARK SIDE!

Look at the power supply, is something unussual there ? Also see if you smell something burned :). Well to be honest, I can’t help you from distant, easiest way is to just bring it in in a store.


Everything seems normal, everything works! my printer, monitor all working fine! it is just the pc who is doing weird!! I hope it is just the cable, because that is cheap and easy to replace…

Check the seating of your power supply card. If still under warranty, call the help desk.

Thanks! Good Idea! I will try that!

Everything in the pc seems to be normal. There are no cables disconnected and everything is connected as the manufacter has done 5 years ago! I haven’t touched anything since then! I only replaced once the RAM memory but that’s all.

Do you guys think that when I just buy a new powersupply cable, my pc would run again?? I think that the cable isn’t good anymore but I am not sure…

Well the power supply losses about 10 % of the it’s power every year, so it’s a good idea to replace it anyway. :slight_smile:
Especially if it causes problems :slight_smile:

But how do I know which powersupply I must buy for my old pc model??? (is 300 watt okey?) And How do I put in my pc ??? How do I replace the old one ??? Does it take much time ???
Does it cost a lot of money???

I do not want to give my pc to one tech person, and wait 1 week or so till he replaced the power supply! First I must lock my pc up, because it is a family pc and it contains a lot of personal stuff! But I can’t lock it up!!

Since your PC is quite old 300 watts should be more than enough.

If you don’t have a powerfull graphics card - it should be enough :slight_smile:

Changing PSU is very easy - you can do it yourself. Just go to Youtube and watch a tutorial on how to build a PC :slight_smile:

I’ve replaced a power supply once at work. It wasn’t hard, but can be tricky you don’t remember the screws and their locations etc and the new one had an extra connector cable or two ;D. I wasn’t the one who purchased, so I don’t know how much they cost.

Thanks! I will watch it within the speed of light!


Who would ever thought that DARTH VADER would face a problem with his power supply unit and asked help to fix it!


■■■■ this sure makes DARTH VADER think about hiring some techie…

Oh come on ! It’s so easy. I can build a computer with my eyes blindfolded ;D

Not all of us mortals can see through the blindfold :o

Soya - you’re a lame ninja if you can’t :o :-TD ;D

Actually I am pretty confident that I can fix it, but DARTH VADER has a mother who is afraid of evrything… She thinks she knows evrything better and that she can fix things I can’t! BUT actually she is not technical at all!! She doesn’t know anything about computers and stuff! She drives me nutts!!! (:AGY)

But hey, DARTH VADER can handle it… (:TNG)

by the ways… does anyone recognizes a mother like mine??? (:SHY)

I have a mother and she fixes all my things, but I DONT want fixing. Like she’s folding my clothes and putting them where I never could find them without asking her. >:( And it’s not just clothes - everything >:(
I wan’t to have some chaos in my room - but NO !!! No way ! >:(