No Pop-ups with CIS v4

i like to choose CLEAN PC. there were some pop-ups with CIS v3 when my IE wanted to create a new exe file, but no pop-ups with CIS v4. And now i can’t see any pop-ups with CIS v4 when i use Clean PC.

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Try checking the box Defence+/Advanced/Defence+ Settings/Create rules for Safe applications. This makes rules in Computer security policy like V3


the problem is that CIS v4 don’t give a pop-up when a safe exe file create some executive files.

i really want the next CIS to show popup when a safe application create a new protected file.

Do you mean a pop up above the systray? That can be set under Miscellaneous → Settings → General → select “Show Balloon Message”.

In V3 the design behavior for safe applications in D+ Safe mode was to trigger an alert when a new a new file was written in a protected path or it had a protected extension (executable group).

Perhaps the OP meant that such alerts were also triggered in V3 CleanPC mode.

Anyway V4 design was changed and the above mentioned alert is not triggered anymore under similar conditions.

Yes, you are right. i like v4 can be triggered an alert when a new protected file was created by a safe application.