No plugins & Gapps after fresh install...

Hi CD users :slight_smile:

Today i’ve reinstalled my Win8 and make a fresh install of new CD to my notebook.
After lunching CD i’ve login to my G@ account and… “Thats it”.
Non of my extentions/pluging or Gapps were installed. (only my favourites and history applied)
First off all i thougt that Google messed up something. But after installing Chrome, everything went fine. All my prev.apps/plugins/extentions were added aftrer few seconds after I log in to G@ account.

Any idea ?!
I dont want to use Chrome, I love CD :slight_smile:
But should I install above apps by my sefl…?! If yes, hmm, then thats “ykky” =/ :wink:

Greets and all the best CD comunity!

Nick | kokein

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There is an issue with the applications/extensions synchronization in the current Dragon release. We will provide a fix in the next update.

Thank you.

Ok, thank You ! :slight_smile: